Off-Grid Solar Systems

Australian All Energy Solutions (AAES) provides off-grid solar and solar PV solutions for clients in rural and remote areas of Queensland and Northern NSW. These areas receive roughly 3000 hours of sunshine a year, making them ideal sites to install solar panels.

AAES has supplied and installed high quality solar equipment for remote locations and off-grid applications throughout Australia. Clients who choose AAES solar solutions will continue to receive expert support and maintenance after the installation process is complete.

Financial benefits

Solar and PV systems will start cutting your electricity bills immediately following installation, and will continue to do so for up to 30 years, sometimes as many as 50 years, by which time you’ll have more than covered your initial costs. 

Other benefits

As well as lowering your bills, solar power also lowers your dependency on high carbon sources such as coal. If you've ever experienced power shortages during peak consumption hours that will never be a problem when you're contributing with your own power generation.

View our projects from February 2012 to see case studies of off-grid applications we have installed for our clients. Call us for a quote if you're keen to reduce your grid dependency.



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